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Meet the Team

Jerry Smith

Partner, Dial Environmental

If you were to ask me what I am most proud about our company, it would have to be that we offered our first green initiative in 1999 with a termite baiting system over a chemical-only treatment.  Today more and more consumers are demanding environmentally friendly alternatives for pest, lawn and mold care treatments –I am so proud we were at the forefront of that revolution.  It fits right in with our mission - “We Choose Green First®”.

Steve Adams

Partner, Dial Environmental

"My philosophy…well really, it's pretty basic. I treat every customer like I would treat my Mother. It gets me through some tough situations. I take good care of my Mother and I will always take good care of my customers. After all, they are just like family."




Laurie Cavalieri

Officer, Dial Environmental

 "I didn't follow the same path most people do; I went right into the work force after high school. Anybody who knows me; knows I have a strong love for family, which made it an easy decision for me to go to work for Jerry; but we always kept our roles as siblings separate from our roles in the business. I worked hard to make a difference as an individual – for that I am very proud. I am also so very proud of my husband and children – they make it all worthwhile. I love what I do!"

Jonathan Schoppe

Director of Operations, Dial Environmental

"The best part of working for Dial is being part of the Dial family. Jerry and Steve understand the dynamics of family and how to manage work/life balance. That understanding is what sets us apart from the competition; we get that families have a lot to manage; we do our part by taking away the worries of pests in their homes. Taking care of families, it is what our company culture is all about."

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Hi Laurie,
I wanted to let you know that I'm thrilled with your services. The last two technicians that came to my was Joe and last time Scott... were pleasant, knowledgeable and represented your company well. Please thank them and pass along my praise to your owners.

-Scott E.
North Caldwell

Dear Steve,
Thanks so much for your time and honesty. I very much appreciate your professionalism. I wish you all good things. I would gladly refer anyone with concerns to you!

-Leonard C
Montclair NJ

Dear Sir or Madam,
This is a brief note to express our great satisfaction with the work that Jim has performed on our home over the past year.

In April of 2008 we discovered termites in our home. Jim was sent from your company, Dial Pest Control, to investigate and remediate the problem. From the moment our first inspection was scheduled through our current contract renewal, Jim has arrived on time, serviced our home quickly, efficiently and with great care, and has provided us with excellent information as to how the extermination system works and where in the process we are. He is very informative, and delivers the information in a calm and reassuring manner that was/is greatly appreciated during a "crisis"(to us anyway) that greatly alleviated our concerns. Jim is great about ensuring that the work location is left clean, treating our home as if it is his own.

We appreciate the service that Dial Pest Control has provided, and especially appreciate the way that Jim services our account.

-Natasha H.
North Caldwell NJ

To Whom I May Concern,
I would like to take this opportunity to state that your employee, Chuck K. is very thorough and diligent in his work. He has helped the Township of Montclair with our pest problems, whether it is an infestation of mites, insects or rodents.

Chuck is a very amiable individual and gets along with all the employees in our office.

-Karl Olson-Supervisor of Administrative Services
Township of Montclair

Dear Steve and Jerry,
I want to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate the care and service you and your staff provide. My home is taken well care of by the best. It definitely pays to be on a home service plan, rather than calling with emergency pest situations.

Everyone at Dial is friendly but most of all professional. The business of bugs is bizarre but everyone at Dial has a great attitude and a sense of humor! It must be in your job requirements.

I remember when I had some small bugs in my house last Spring, mostly on the window sills from the basement to the second floor. Dial worked with me until the problem was gone. It took a few visits but you beat the bugs! I'm also thankful that I don't see the larger, cave crickets anymore! Those are gross and hop too much!

I remember Steve helping me with a squirrel in my house years ago. That was too funny. I don't know who make more noise, Steve , Scott or the squirrel! In the end Steve left a cage in the room and the squirrel was finally trapped safely. I knew by the "thumping" sounds in the room above me that it was time to call Steve to come and release the squirrel back to nature. A happy ending for everyone! Thank you Dial Pest!

-Kristen R.
Cedar Grove NJ

To Steve and Jerry,
I would like to drop you a quick line to share with you the excellent service I received with dealing with a pest issue (bats) from Joann and Ken.

Understanding that in today's world, there is nothing more important for a company to deliver superior customer service while producing high quality. When I dealt with both Joann and Ken, I got exactly that. Joann should be recognized and commended on your excellent customer service skills. She was always pleasant, professional and had excellent follow-up skills. Ken also handled the situation politely, professionally and taught me a few things about bats in general. I hope to never have to use "Dial Pest Control" again, but I promise if I again have any type of pest issues, you will be the first to get a call, plus if anyone ever speaks of a pest issue of any kind to me, I will surely refer them to your company.

-Rob & Nancy C.
Verona NJ

To Whom It May Concern:
Mr. Kopacz (Chuckie) is very professional, he listens to our concerns and solves any problems with may have. He always puts safety first and quality first.

We here at Gates Manor look forward to seeing him every week. Your organization is represented positively by Mr. Kopacz.

-Desiree Davidson-Trotz
Gates Manor/ Montclair NJ

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your service. Your technicians are truly different in how polite and engaging they are when they come to make a house call.
I had Artie come by this week for inside maintenance. He gave me lots of information and advice as was so pleasant. He left and then realized my service included the garage, so he called and came back. He also gave me advice in a follow up call on a question I had for him.

Thank you for making customer service a priority. It is apparent that this value comes from the top of your company and down through every person with whom we interact.

Keep up the great work.

-Floss O
Upper Montclair

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm very pleased Angel's attention to the pest control of our home and property. He is obviously an expert in his field but what makes him special is his cheerful nature. It's a pleasure to have him take care of our pest problems.

-Susan H
Upper Montclair