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Bed Bug Heat Solutions

Treating bed bug with heat is a complex process that should only be left to trained professionals. It is extremely effective, green and, in most cases, eliminates the need for pesticides. Here is what you can expect if you are receiving a Bed Bug Heat Treatment:

  1. Dial Bed Bug Pro's unmarked trailer arrives on-site
  2. The "transfer station box" (3 feet x 3 feet) is placed in a central location inside the structure
  3. Cables connect the generator on the trailer to the transfer station box to bring power into the structure
  4. Cables connect the heaters to the transfer station box to power the convective heaters and fans inside rooms
  5. Heat sensors are placed on surfaces inside the structure as well as "the core" inside bulky items and furniture to validate even heat disbursement and critical "core temperature" readings on our laptop
  6. The system is powered "ON" and the digital sensors on the heaters record temperatures quickly reaching our controlled temperature threshold of 140 degrees
  7. The temperature recordings are captured on our laptop and the systems is shut down once we achieve thermal death validation of sustained uniform convection heat disbursement

Upon completion of our heat treatment, the Canine Scent Detection Team will be brought back to "validate the kill" usually within 24–48 hours following the treatment.


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To Whom It May Concern:

I'm very pleased Angel's attention to the pest control of our home and property. He is obviously an expert in his field but what makes him special is his cheerful nature. It's a pleasure to have him take care of our pest problems.

-Susan H
Upper Montclair

It is truly an honor to write a testimonial for all my friends at Dial Pest Control.

Almost 8 years ago, on 9/11/01- I lost my husband of 31 years tragically and without warning. Those early days were ones of shock and confusion. Still, as should be, life goes on.

We had always managed to take care of pest control problems ourselves. But, household pests have no respect for our human circumstances. I didn't know who to call or where to turn. I was hung in this time of loss, bombarded with pest control companies who were unknown to me and or my friends.

A very good neighbor suggested I use Dial Pest Control. I phoned Dial immediately. The shock of my situation made my requests difficult to understand. But, Steve came to my home immediately. He assessed what needed to be done. He calmed me and understood my inability to cope. I had several estimates from other companies. Steve was honest and comforting in telling me what services I needed and which were unnecessary.

It has been almost eight years now. Dealing with Dial Pest Control is a joy and a wonder. I am never over-charged. All mechanisms for pest control are checked regularly. If there are any problems, one call to the office, someone is sent immediately and the problem is dealt with in a professional and courteous manner. The staff, to a person, is congenial and interested in doing excellent work. A customer is not just treated as some unimportant number but with sincerity and caring.

Dial Pest Control is always friendly, honest, congenial and professional. After eight years of service, I still would not trust keeping my home pest-free to anyone else.

-Gran K
Upper Montclair

Thanks for your helping hand, Steve, Jerry and Staff. You're the best!

-Mike P.
Little Falls, NJ

I am writing to let you know this is the first time in seven years we did not have a swarm of termites. The Sentricon System really works.

-Ray D.
Livingston, NJ

Jerry, you and your staff did a great job.

-Mike T.
Cedar Grove, NJ

I only wish I had known about your company several years ago. I would have enjoyed many years of 'bug-free'living. I look forward to a long and satisfying relationship with your company.

-Jean S.
Montclair. NJ

I feel I must write to let you know I appreciate your choice of exterminators. For the first time in 10 years I am free of termites. I used to dread the spring months - so thought I'd write to thank you, and Dial Pest Control, Inc.

-Lillian D.
Maywood, NJ