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Tree & Shrub Care

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Help your trees and shrubs flourish with the same level of care you provide your lawn. Subscribe to our Tree and Shrub Care Program for your Plant Health Care Services.

Here in Northern New Jersey Tree and Shrub Health Care is essential to ensure a long and healthy life of the plantings on your property. Long winters, droughts, insects, disease and a lack of nutrients in your soil can all threaten the beauty and longevity of your landscape. Our goal is to maintain your landscape plantings in a healthy and relatively pest-free condition.

Insects will usually target plants that are already in poor health and/or under stress. We will make it our first priority to restore the health of your trees and shrubs, so that they can naturally resist harmful insects. Our management philosophy is to use low impact methods of ingredients to minimize populations of pest insects while maintaining ecological sustainability by preserving beneficial insects.

Our typical program begins with a site evaluation; key plants, key pests, and key locations are outlined. The program includes six (6) monitoring visits scheduled throughout the growing season. During each visit, we scout the property for insect pressure and inspect for predicted activity. Treatment techniques will focus on prevention, suppression of pests, and preserving beneficial organisms; where and when appropriate mechanical control will be recommended.


  • Deep Root Feeding
  • Winterization Treatments

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  • Bed Weed Control
  • Boring Insects
  • Caterpillars
  • Deer Repellant

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  • Disease Treatment
  • Systemic Root Treatment
  • Trunk and/or Bark Treatment

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AIR SPADING – We remove excess soil and mulch around the base of landscaped trees and shrubs allowing the plants to breathe easier and absorb nutrients properly.

HAZARDOUS TREE CONSULTING AND INSPECTIONS – We provide a detailed report and pictures of any hazardous trees on your property and offer recommendations to correct issues found.

VERTICAL MULCHING – We correct compacted soils under large tree drip lines by creating vertical tunnels with an air spade gun and back filling with compost or vermiculite.

As always, we continue to operate with absolute determination to effectively treat your landscape environment while minimizing pesticide exposure.

Our "We Choose Green First®" commitment to you:

  • Avoid spray drift of pesticides to non-target areas
  • Reduce collateral damage of beneficial insects
  • Reduce the risk of pesticide exposure to your property and family
  • To learn more about our customer lawn treatment programs and receive a free estimate over the phone contact us today!

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