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get rid of my mold

I want to get rid of my mold but I don’t want to introduce something new that could be just as toxic. What do I do?

At MoldCure Pro it all starts with choosing a "SAFE" product. It's true that most professional grade anti-bacterial, fungicides and mold inhibitors on the market can be just as toxic as the mold fungi targeted for remediation. However, we do not fight fire with fire.
Our process

True to our commitment to “Choose Green First”, we utilize a patented solution comprised of naturally occurring salt. Once applied or fogged, our product dries into an invisible polymer that kills and prevents new mold growth. Our solution does not contain ammonias, chlorines, VOCs or alcohols or any harmful chemicals and has received the safest toxicity rating, CAT-4 on the EPA Rating Scale. Our finishing product has been used since the Dark Ages and is applied via fine micron mist air treatment fog or ionizer; so rest assured your mold will be gone leaving your home fresh and ready to live in.

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"The detailed interest and extra effort performed at our home was very impressive to both my wife Ruth, and me. I thank you for your efforts. Dial must be very proud of its representatives and especially your efforts in ensuring a very satisfied customer."

- Ruth and John Vallone

"I wanted to let you know that I'm thrilled with your services. The last two technicians that came to my was Joe and last time Scott... were pleasant, knowledgeable and represented your company well. Please thank them and pass along my praise to your owners."

- Scott E.
North Caldwell, NJ

"I only wish I had known about your company several years ago. I would have enjoyed many years of 'bug-free' living. I look forward to a long and satisfying relationship with your company."

- Jean S.
Montclair, NJ

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